Mollasses & Spice Cookies

Mollasses cookies take on a new spin by adding extra, warming spices. Feel free to adjust the spice but don't be shy with the amount of cinnamon, ginger and cardamom! […]

Setting Intentions

In the world of health and wellness, much is said about Setting Intentions as a way to provide direction for goal-reaching. That “setting our mind to something” becomes a North […]

Look Up

There’s nothing like looking in a new direction to get a better perspective. Lately I’ve felt swamped with my “Things to Do” list and my niggling self expectations have me […]

Speaking Without Words

Lately I’ve been especially noticing babies and toddlers. It’s likely because I am new grandmother – and if there’s anything that reawakens a joy for life and sharpening one’s observation […]

Something about Music

There’s something special about Music: The way you can reach for it when you want a pick-me-up or a soothing back ground to some contemplation. I believe that we were […]

Another year

It’s my birthday! I am marking another year today – a year of growing, changing and learning. Whereas a number of my peers are looking forward to retirement, I am […]

Welcome a New Year

A New Year has begun and with it all the promise of new beginnings. I pulled out my brand new journal, still fragrant with that inky smell, and with a […]

Fire Cider Shot

There are many ways to support your health during the Fall and Winter months when you are typically more susceptible to viral infection. Since I was introduced to this spicy, […]