What is Natural BioEnergetics?

Natural Bioenergetics™  recognizes the energetic/electro-magnetic system of the body and seeks to restore its functioning where there is dysfunction.

How does it work?

The human body has an electrical field which is affected by stress. When stress happens (be it psychological stress over some incident, stubbing your toe on the corner of your bed, physical/emotional trauma or smelling diesel fumes as you walk down the street) short circuits occur resulting in garbled messages within the energy system.  When this happens ill health and disease are the outcome because cells, tissues, organs and systems don’t function the way they should. Whether it is worrying over how to pay your bills, or banging your elbow, stress accumulates in your system. Stress is recognised by reputable organizations like the Mayo Clinic as 85-90% of the reason of what sends us to the doctor.

Energy Approaches to the rescue!

If the main problem begins with issues in the electromagnetic system of the body, wouldn’t it make sense to repair that system in order to reverse dysfunction?  That is where Natural BioEnergetics™ comes in.  This  science-based discipline helps to identify where the short circuits in the system are and what is causing them, and then finds ways to neutralize the stress that caused them in the first place.  These repairs restore the information back into the system that then allows the body to function correctly, bringing healing through its innate processes. Natural Bioenergetic Specialists are basically repairmen for the electrical “wiring” for the body!  We utilize muscle bio-feedback to tap into the body’s muscle reflexes and nervous system to identify where the problem is.

Natural BioEnergetics™  identifies stresses unique to each individual, and involves the whole person, not just the symptoms.


Whether helping resolve your health issues or exploring what your body requires to be more robust and able to cope with the stresses of everyday life, Natural Bioenergetics™ can give you tremendous benefits.  Make an appointment today to begin your journey to balance and health.