Setting Intentions

FrogsIn the world of health and wellness, much is said about Setting Intentions as a way to provide direction for goal-reaching. That “setting our mind to something” becomes a North Star – something we can steer toward. 

The fact is, what we think about at any given time can steer us, both emotionally and physiologically. Think about something that happened to you where you felt embarrassed or afraid. What do you notice? Does your heart speed up or do you feel a knot start to form in your stomach? These kinds of thoughts that have an emotional “punch” can be particularly distracting and hijack our attention and energy from the present moment.

There is more to say about the ways in which our memories and subconscious thoughts affect us but for now let’s get back to Setting Intentions. I  have learned over many years of practice that spending a morning-time in prayerful reflection and listening is a helpful way to set my intention for the day. Having a clear mind and a calm heart helps me to focus on what’s important. Taking that time at the beginning of the day to to make choices helps me to set course for how the day will unfold — or more importantly – how I will unfold!

Intention will steer your Attention. And wherever you direct your attention, there too will follow your energy and focus. Take a pause after you read this. Be still, quiet and ask yourself,

  • What are my intentions?
  • Are there old intentions I need to give up?
  • Are there new intentions I need to set?