Joyful or Jumbled?

Lately I’ve been struggling with keeping my mind focussed.      My brain has felt jumbled with many thoughts clamouring for attention and there’s nothing more distracting than having  unrelated thoughts clouding my ability to think clearly. Do you ever feel like this? Here are some ideas that I’m going to try out for the next while – and if your brain is also feeling jumbled – join me in trying the following!

  1. Keep a journal to write down the things that are heavy on your heart or that you are trying to process.
  2. Pray. Acknowledge the things that are just “too big” (outside your control), committing them to God and then ask for God’s help in doing the things that ARE within your control.
  3. Practice deep, slow, breathing with your hand on your belly as you breathe in and out. Inhale and exhale  through your nose as you can.
  4. Hold the Emergency Stress Release points on your head as you think through an issue in as much detail as you can. Click on the (soon to be added) link to see this in action.

Realize that trying to multi-task with many thoughts can steal your joy and set you up for a headache. Take steps to pare down your thoughts and calm your energy so you can focus on what’s most important.