Something about Music

There’s something special about Music: The way you can reach for it when you want a pick-me-up or a soothing back ground to some contemplation. I believe that we were designed to enjoy and participate in music. Whether it’s singing, listening, worshipping, dancing, playing – we are Divinely wired for music and incorporating it into our every day is essential for whole health.

What sounds do you gravitate toward? What rhythms do you find comfortable? Do you feel sound anywhere in your body? What music speaks to you or with which you find yourself particularly resonating?

Let these questions get you thinking about how you resonate with sound and what music you want to add onto your plate of daily, sonic nutrition. Fill your plate and enjoy!

For an immersion into managing your personal Soundscape check out, “The Power of Sound, by Joshua Leeds.” What we hear – and how we process it – has a far greater impact on our daily living than we realize and it’s exciting to explore how we can enhance our environments through sound.