Frequently Asked Questions

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How long are sessions?

First sessions are 90 minutes with subsequent visits usually 60 minutes

How should I prepare?
  • Fill out client-intake form (to be sent upon confirmation).
  • Be well hydrated with water (and have a large glass on hand) Do not drink caffeine within 2 hours of your appointment.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Bring with you any substances that you suspect may be triggering reactions (a small sample in a labelled bag is sufficient).
What is a session like?

Your session will be done fully clothed lying on a massage table or comfortably seated. Alternatively you will be seated in front of your computer/phone for an on-line session.

What will I notice?
  • Feeling very relaxed or sleepy is common.
  • Sometimes there can be a detox reaction after a session as the body adjusts to new patterns. This can typically be resolved through hydration and rest.
How many sessions will I need to resolve my issue?
  • For some issues one session will bring quick, remarkable improvement that will be noticed within hours.
  • Some issues have complexities that will require several sessions in order for the body to retune.
What does a session cost?
  • An initial, 90 minute session is $155
  • Subsequent 60-75 minute sessions are $120
  • 30 minute follow ups are $65
  • Family packages are available. Inquire for rates.

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