How I think, so I am

A number of years ago I attended an international conference in Banff, Alberta, where I heard various speakers share their insights on how we can regain and maintain health.  I was struck with 3 common themes:

  • The power of thought and intent plays a tremendous role in determining health outcomes.
  • The subtle interconnectedness between all the body’s systems is the reason emotions effect the body and vice-versa.
  • There are an increasing number of scientific studies being done to corroborate the reality and intricacies  of the body’s energetic system.

I especially appreciate a Natural Bioenergetics™ approach for these reasons:
In the list of  stresses we address, we include  thoughts;  We recognize that all disease has an underlying energetic reality which must be dealt with; The protocol for approaching each client’s challenges is unique to their situation yet follows a thorough procedure of determining the body’s priority.

If you were with me in my session room we could more easily demonstrate this through simple muscle-monitoring.  When there is any stress, the nerves which assist in muscle communication experience “interference” and the muscle unlocks and feels weak. On the other hand, when the nerves of the muscle are not experiencing any interference the muscle remains locked or “strong”.

Lest I influence you to predetermine what your own body’s response will be when you subject yourself to resonating with certain thoughts, let me encourage you to simply try this experiment.  Stand with your feet about hip-distance apart and close your eyes. Allow yourself to recall a time when you were embarrassed. Notice how you feel.  Notice whether there is any subtle movement or shifting of your body. Next, bring to mind an event which brought you joy and a feeling of confidence.  Is there a change in how your body responds?  This can be a revealing exercise as you intentionally observe how emotions register in your body.

It’s a wonderful thing to be able to  help the body/mind be strong and robust – despite the destabilizing daily-stuff that happens.  I am so grateful the body has been designed to heal and that there are natural, life-giving ways to support it.