Welcome to my energetic world!

My health pursuit has brought me into the world of Natural Bioenergetics™, a most amazing modality that recognizes the energetic intricacies of the human body.   I never appreciated that our bodies and brains are so interconnected; That thoughts produce effects at a cellular level; That emotions can be stored; That any substance,  emotion or thought has the potential to be a positive or a negative influence on the body or mind.  Do you ever use the terms: “Good vibes/Bad vibes” ??  Well, there’s a reason you do! It’s because Vibrations make up our world!

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I have been a musician all my life and so I am especially experienced with audible frequencies.  But did you know that everything in existence produces a frequency?  Colour and light are visible frequencies;  X-Rays, Ultra-sound and Magnetic Imaging are electro magnetic frequencies in western diagnostic and therapeutic technology.  Everything is moving, producing vibrations whether or not we hear them; Whether or not we feel or see them. Our own body operates with a subtle energetic system that continually makes adjustment as it responds to its environment.  Since our conception, our body is well versed in this manner of communication because it is a part of our design.  Patterns of energetic movement are continually happening in our body and in every material thing.  Amazing!