Birthday Ramblings

Illustrated Vegetables World Health Day Instagram Post (1)

It’s my birthday! I am marking another year today – a year of growing, changing and learning. Whereas a number of my peers are looking forward to retirement, I am ramping up my Vital Energy Balance business – and loving it! How grateful I am to be acquiring new skills and tools to help people reclaim their health.  I am meeting new people and understanding in a new way,  the intricacies of the body, mind and spirit and how they are so interconnected. There is a biblical reference that refers to humans being “fearfully and wonderfully made” – and I understand that with more certainty. The human body is AWESOME and has been beautifully designed to heal! Life is so worth living and a joy when we are healthy. I am so privileged to be able to help others along their journey to discover that for themselves.

Breathe deeply. Think clearly. Live joyfully. Pray gratefully.
These will be my focus for the coming year.